My bestfriend..

my bestfriend..please..don’t go..don’t leave me…please replay my chat..please answer my call…where are you..?..I really miss you…i really worry about you now…you promise to me …you want to be my bestfriend forever…our birthday is same at 31 July….you say want celebrate our birthday together… i will wait you forever until i die..😭😭😭😭


In my heart

I am just a person who always talk to myself… i don’t know why…i like to talk to myself when i am sad , angry…When i sad , i say to my heart ..don’t cry, don’t sad…show to them you are more stronger than them…you not weak. When i am angry , i say to my heart , don’t angry too much…always patient ..

# sorry if you cannot understand….

Speak english

how to speak in english..??..i am always use broken english..How can i make english subject easy for me…? I am always want to be like my clever friend..if i meet someone who talk in english , in my mind that time is what this person say to me ?